© Graham Spence


Walking on Air

Waiting for the sun to shine
Waiting for the rain to stop
Watch the clock another time
In and out of life we go
Waiting for the penny to drop
Watch the clock go fast and slow


Paint the sun paint the sky
Paint some trees leaves and grass
The snowman’s life has just begun
One eye laughs the other cries
One step gets behind awhile
Speaking mouths usually telling lies


Catch the day before it’s night
Catch a glimpse from anywhere
One piece of your mind is always right
Then some time before you know
You don’t have to try no more
Secrets of the night will never go


Rhythms of the wind and sea
Rhythms of what we believe
Pushing to the brink you will see
Rhythm’s in and off I go
No need to hurry it’s the night
I’m walking on the air against the flow