By Gordon Smith,

November 2003


Previous Graham Spence instrumental releases have embraced a mix of hypnotism and uplifting spiritual ambience. ‘Infinity,’ recorded in 1996, arrived like a ghostly mist, not unlike last year’s album ‘Directions for Life’ which placed the listener on an asteroid making its way around the solar system. It sends me through space with mythical tunnels towards the white light of eternity. Tales of these tunnels have yet to speak of the darkness beyond the beckoning luminescence, but the soundworld of Infinity makes the prospect of heaven seem woefully unlikely. This could be a place of mournful melancholy and loss, of separation and longing.


Spence’s use and feel of the processed guitar-synthesizer integrates well with the electronic backing. The singular lead lines throughout the album sit perfectly with the sound layers behind them.


Seldom has a work of art come so close to capturing the essence of something so enigmatic. This is music and atmospherics from infinite beyond.