By Gordon Smith,

November 2000.


This first instrumental recording of the century starts with ‘Birth on a Mountain.’ The eerie effects at the beginning give way to a pleasant synth melody. This opener, like the rest of the album would make a fine soundtrack to your next full-moon ritual, if you’re so inclined.


The album touches on Spence’s thoughts and enthusiasm of the universe and beyond, and the permanent unanswered questions that go with it. The mood is heavy – especially on ‘Omen’ – but the music floats by you, weightless like a ghost hovering on a bed of warm air. The other tracks ‘What is This Place,’ ‘Cunning Runner,’ ‘Earth Probing’ and ‘Return to Zenith’ cohesively guide you to wondrous meditations and memories.


Switch on the larva lamps, light up the candles and fill your wine glass. This is more than synth music. ’Zenith’ (as it says in one of his songs ‘For You’) ‘opens pages of your mind’ which you thought never existed.

Supernatural bliss!